The Top Young Internet Entrepreneurs

After plenty of research and seeing some of them in live television for as interview, here are the top young guns entrepreneurs that I've listed. These guys roaring today and live a smart life with her own hard work .


Mark Zuckerberg

     Mark Zuckerberg is a big big name today roaring all over world. If you don't know who is mark zuckerberg, then you just seems that you nothing know about anything. Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Mark Zuckerberg is real life guardian inspirations of today all age start up entrepreneurs. In 2012, Facebook was valued at $104 billion, and by January 2014 its market capitalization had risen to over $134 billion dollars. Facebook is just not only spreading his tech business in world wide, trying also to makes an passive incomes for anyone for created his ad on facebook for free. At presently facebook have employees more than 50,000 and annual turnovers of nearly 15.6 billion dollars something. Mark Zuckerberg today had net worth of more than $23.2 billion dollars.    


 Interview: Alex Fraiser, World's Most Successful 16-Year-Old Blogger

 Alex Fraiser

16 Years old teenage alex known as also (World top young blogger) and his business partner, 24-year-old Seth Waite, launched their first product – a web theme modeled after Blogussion’s unique style – to immediate success. With an Alexa ranking under 20,000, Blogussion is today now the owned by this young brilliant entrepreneur.

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Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook  founded, today managed to get 5 Million Members on At the age of just 15 catherine cook and his brother dave, 17 came up with idea of high school yearbook  to develop a free interactive version online. Today has more than 50 employees with having more advertising clients like Neutrogena, Disney etc.

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Ashley Qualls

    In 2004, at the tender age of 14, Ashley Qualls launched, designed to provide free Myspace layouts and HTML tutorials for people in her age demographic, and supported entirely by advertising revenue. The website receives today also several times more traffic than circulations for about his popular teen magazines such as Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl!. The Site presently today had
viewers more than 300,000. This young girl today proved that to be a rich and successful entrepreneurs you don't need qualification or capital, just do that what did you have in your sense with your hard work. This hard solo entrepreneur today a millionaire girl.


Savannah Britt was a published poet by the age of eight. By nine, she was hired as a paid reviewer of children’s books for The Kitchen Table News – a New Jersey newspaper with a readership of 70,000. But when that newspaper went under, Savannah was left unemployed at the tender age of 11. Like other mind spirited entrepreneur savannah has forced himself to show here encourage to step in his dream business. She start's his own publication a magazine which is called "Girlpez" making a world best youngest magazine publisher in the world. The magazine covers around features of events, concerts and fashion shows and also along with personally interviews from the likes of Shwayze, Kevin Rudolf, and Dawn from Dannity kane. Today girlpez has turned it into online business which is the good selling to.

The young entrepreneur’s website has been endorsed by key people in the industry, such as Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, who personally invited Savannah to come visit the offices in New York. Savannah herself has been interviewed and featured on hundreds of entrepreneurial websites, publications and TV shows, including Black Enterprise Magazine, the Courier Post and the Anderson Cooper Show.  

After writing a article about this wonderful girl I was truly proud this young generation internet warrior who desire to take step for not just only for self living, as also bring inspirations for millions.

Redsidemarks really well proud of this young girl for his daring mind of dream.

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