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Creating and written on websites/blogs are known as Content Writing which is basically today is the powerful source for newly earnings and making best career on there. Apart from this it is the powerful backbone for all websites, bloggers and for online marketing etc. However today it is also known in professional field which is booming now in everywhere. Most of the history of generating content needs best English written skills with good grammatical and requires dashing along with unique written styles where it is chances to get you’re worth. Web content developing is entirely different from print or any other media form. Even though a content writer is desired to draft articles, but this is achieved only after carrying out extensive research of the topic and material to be included in the article, being sketched. Apart from incorporating all the creative ideas and juicy thoughts in the article, the information so written must be factually correct and authentic, in order to make the manners of website genuine and not plagiarized. While keeping the target audience in mind, the content should be precise and must help in category areas like sales of products, products marketing, even a business promotion as well.

Based on my research I decided to get advantage into 4 parts:
  1. Generating ideas and titles
  2. Researching the post
  3. Planning and writing the post
  4. Marketing the post
Actually the definition of content writer is to contribute articles to e-zines, corporate blogs, and other such places on the web. Yet more content writers spend their days working exclusively for small businesses, and some even write content for government websites.  In real way content writers are full/part time employees, contractors or freelancers etc. We are experts and specialties in SEO and HTML. Actually it covers the role as also like reporters, salespeople’s, consultants

Is that’s called researchers

Yes it’s also called as a researcher too because when you just put up some light on a new topic its actuall you performed also as a researcher when you searched it and try to find out something new.  When you explained the process and keep some different things in front of all viewers, in this manner you can be called self as an researcher too.

The area to show yourself

I think I’m sure for this that,,, because when you going to write to something whatever for your own or something else, in this particular we generate some optimistic things for ourselves.  We are some going to do different things for making and spreading our expressions in worldwide through are writing power. Believable things is that many persons are beginning there career as a just part time or enjoyment for self but about there due to hard work and concentrate properly in his writing today those peoples are change there faith and today bagging a millions of dollars and they are still young guys one. Articles is just not only about some academic or business providers, some type of other personalities, or for someone other or may be a good story can create different history. This is the chances for enhancing your profile as much as you can.

Careers Prospects

As in these field the persons should first have strong verbal and written in English and should be punctuate strongly in grammar too. From qualifications just BA hons graduate requires and those who are good in English written and they are undergraduate they can also try there best.  As along with some organizations requires knowledge of SEO, SMO candidates and something etc but don’t worry for those guys who are freshers in this one and apart from this those don’t have any knowledge about something else.

In india salary remunerations anywhere expected starting around Rs 10- 12k for freshers and strong and dedicated experiences nearly 5 – 6 years they can expected bagging nearly more than 20 to 50k in there pockets as depend upon there more experiences too.

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