Inspiring Story of Farmer Son

The boy who stayed in small village named Padam in the Kollam district of Kerala. Surrounding jungles made the village a scenic beauty but also kept it away from infrastructural developments His father who is a farmer helps him for his daily routine and other activities. As they have not any good income which fulfill properly about the needs of there son, not got good food, even any luxuries dream which they satisfied to be made. Helping his farmer father at also his activities and other routines he learning not just other methods but also learning the importance of struggle in life and hard work effect in human upcoming new challenges. Difficulties in his childhood made him accept challenges and put the extra efforts for success.

Ya, we are talking about the boy named “Varun Chandran’ who is now 33 now and a millionaire entrepreneur who founded and owns Corporate 360, a firm based in Singapore and expanded in four continents. 

Despite of poor backgrounds of his family financial background they not left there optimistic supports towards varun for getting his higher education. The hard work also he putting for helping his family in such a good way, as he is also good at sports. He won several prizes in sports. After completion of standard X, he was given scholarship by the Kerala Government to play football. Because money was difficult, Varun agreed the scholarship and started playing football at various levels. He did very good playing football and won medal for the best player of Kerala. He also lead the Kerala State Team and Kerala University Team.

But his football career was not so long decided by gods which put him hard injury during matches which he decided finally to quit football and left college.

Varun already stressed about his future for what to do!!! But his grandmother hold his hands and gave him bangles and told him to sell them for raise some money. After varun shifted in Bangalore in 2002, he sees that things is totally different as comparing to his hometown kerala. Such a big city he have entered in for learning something unique. He spent mostly hours in cyber café for learning new technologies and also he have a fond of speaking a good English and try to improves himself his converse better. He joined libraries and watched many English news channel like CNN to be some thing like that one.

There was some breakthrough for his moment, In 2008, varun got opportunity to work in Singapore. If Bangalore was a good city and IT hub of india, it is also s Singapore really decent city for start ups and professionals.  While working in Singapore. The data which is showing all at the internet makes great strategy for varun skills. He coded few programs that would make his everyday work easy. Very soon, people working with him found them interesting too.

When people started getting attracted toward the way Varun used the data on internet to plan strategies, it was the birth of Corporate 360.

His company introduces innovative sales intelligence software for the tech industry. Some of the world’s largest IT-companies and tech startups are C360 clients.

Corporate 360, started in 2012, had a revenue of more that $ 1 million in 2014 with expected revenue of $ 5 million in 2015. Having presence in four continents, Varun is also planning to open offices in Europe And U.S., Varun also received several offers to sell his company but he denied all of them. He has also opened an office in his hometown in Kerala. We bring industry specific sales relevance to the customer, which enables them to create highly targeted sales campaigns to the right people at the right time with the right messaging,” says Varun.

There is some perfect examples for dedicating daring entrepreneurships. We have to see them and just think that if they can do such a hardwork without getting any supported of facilities like modern culture, Still leaving in this area if peoples which is hard determination of to do something then god also makes and helping to those who what they want to be.

His efforts just not only appreciated but also inspiration of today’s generation. However let’s see in 2016 with the resources and other opportunities which they have, We’ll likely to giving him best wishes for his more unbeatable marks.

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